Mollie Weaver and Bob Sirois met for the first time in early Autumn 2010.  Propelled by professional opportunities their communications became more and more frequent over the coming months.  During this time they quickly discovered they each had many similar interests and goals in music.  They both like many of the same bands/artists and of course have a true love and passion for John Denver and his music.  But the most surprising commonality of all is that both Mollie and Bob had a vision of someday recording and producing a full length album dedicated to the songs of John Denver with the intent of creating unique and fresh renditions of these amazing classics.  Already well aware of each other’s capabilities and experience they made a collective decision to create this album together.  With their combined talents and inspirations they immediately began arranging and recording in December 2010 with the goal of captivating and surrounding the listener with the true emotion and spirit of John’s words, giving these new recordings a fresh, emotive sound.  Unafraid of molding these songs via studio wizardry, they strive to uphold the purity of the folk ethos in each recorded work.

As of mid-year 2011 they already have several JD titles in the works with some that are completed.  Ultimately, Mollie and Bob plan to release their full length CD sometime over the next few years.  The new CD will be available for purchase and download.  You can check out clips of their completed songs below.  So be sure to check back for future updates as more songs will be added upon completion.

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